Damage Assessments backed by Building Science

Bridgepoint Global consultants are experts within each discipline who collectively investigate, analyze, and document your property after a loss. Although each project may have a unique set of challenges, we utilize a 4-part process that ensures thorough and consistent outcomes.

1. Damage Identification

Bridgepoint Global’s skilled technicians, engineers, pilots and building consultants leverage advanced technologies in 3-D imaging, UAV Lidar mapping, and other specialized devices to gather forensic evidence to identify the true extent of damages. BPG consultants use state of the art applications to create a digital map of the property depicting moisture points and other indications of damage.

2. Damage Analysis

Raw data from the identification phase is analyzed by a team of seasoned professionals with master IICRC certification, forensic engineering, as well as level 3 thermography endorsements. From this analysis, damages are properly categorized before being input into Bridgepoint’s comprehensive reporting system.

3. Damage Reporting

A complete digital landscape is provided for each project. Within this reporting system various project management and auditing tools are provided to asset owners, insurance representatives and contractors. Our systems include, project auditing tools, Gantt charts, damage assessments, 3-D virtual walk throughs, interior and exterior dimensions, psychrometric readings, thermal reports, as well as environmental reports. Each dashboard is custom tailored to track job progress as well as job costs in real time, resulting in efficiency and transparency.

4. Estimating

The Bridgepoint estimating team is comprised of seasoned insurance veterans with years of direct field experience.  Once on site, our estimators produce a Rough Order of Magnitude supported by detailed damage assessments. Bridgepoint’s damage assessments create the foundation for accurate estimating.  Level 3 Xactimate, RS means, and, and contractor proposals are examples of the estimating platforms and strategies utilized by bridge point estimators to ensure fair pricing at current market conditions.


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