Innovating the claims process

At Bridgepoint Global, our core focus is to revolutionize the insurance claims process.

Across the country property insurance claims are being mishandled by insureds, contractors, adjusters, and attorneys.  Unfortunately, it is always the asset owners and insurance carriers paying for the mistakes of others. Moreover, the unnecessary layers of third-party consultants often inflate costs and offer no real added value to the claims process.

Here are Bridgepoint we are addressing this issue one claim at a time.  From pre-loss to reconstruction, our innovative approach leverages a world class staff with the latest in technology to provide management systems for damage assessment, mitigation, project auditing, cost valuation and reconstruction.  These systems are organized and backed up in Bridgepoint’s robust database ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Our real-time claim reporting platform informs the entire insurance restoration process.  We produce high-level claim documentation complete with a full digital landscape making complex claims easy to comprehend and manage.   We customize each recovery plan to account for property conditions, logistical constraints, and coverage limitations. The result is always a well-managed claim with highly detailed documentation that is accessible to all parties.

Solutions for a broken claims system


Our purpose is to provide solutions that revolutionize the property insurance claims process.  We believe that asset owners and insurance carriers can mutually benefit from a claims management system that includes a comprehensive disaster planning component to mitigate risks associated with recovery before during and after catastrophic events. 


  • A creative and talented team committed to innovating systems and approach through technology integration and specialized training
  • Real-Time claims management solutions
  • Extensive knowledge and expertise in specialty and commercial roofing systems
  • Over 35 years of restoration and mitigation experience
  • In-depth knowledge of commercial construction and job-site management
  • Over 20 offices strategically located in 9 states throughout the gulf coast, southeast and eastern seaboard
  • Over 35 years of experience of managing and adjusting large commercial claims